1. Do you have to be a muslim to participate?

No, anyone can join the ESQ training (check the language spoken first at Schedule). Although the ESQ training is based on Islamic Principles (1 ihsaan, 6 Pillars of Faith (or Imaan) and 5 Pillars of Islam), and will use extracts from the Holy Quran, it’s not a religious movement, nor is it a political movement. ESQ is a neutral organisation that guides you through a journey in which you (re)discover your innermost value and help you with your personal development.

2. Is it a three days long lecture?

No. It’s certainly not a lecture, because in that way you only absorb information but lose it fast again. The days are also filled with interactive games and other activities, to ensure that it’s really a training and not a lecture.

3. Can I participate for less than three days?

It’s best to participate all three days. Each day new elements will be covered, and to ensure you complete the training, you must participate for three full days. Although full training is strongly recommended, it can occur that you are not able to join the training fully. We recommend you to join at least the first day, because the fundaments of the training are on that day. If you’re only able to join 2 days out of 3, we strongly suggest to participate the first day, and make a choice out of day 2 or 3. Don’t join if you can only participate the last or last two days only, because you miss fundamental information. It’s better to wait for next training.

4. Joining the ESQ Training is really expensive. Is it really worth it?

Yes it is definitely worth it. Not only do you receive professional ESQ training for 3 full days, you will also get free meals and snacks. Moreover, after you’ve joined an ESQ training, you will automatically be a life-long member of the ESQ Alumni, that guarantees you to join future ESQ trainings for free, anywhere in the world. You can walk in any ESQ training without paying (except for additional costs for meals e.g.) to ‘refresh’ what you had learned during the training. ESQ recommends you to ‘refresh’ whenever there’s a training session!

5. What is an Upgrade Alumni?

Basically an Upgrade Alumni is a participant who has joined ESQ trainings before, but at a different (or the same) level/class, and chooses to join the given ESQ training interactively. Normally, someone who has joined any ESQ training before is allowed to ‘refresh’ at any future ESQ trainings as an alumni (see question 4), but on regular basis this ‘refreshcourse’ is in fact joining the class passively without interaction. Some alumni have the need to ‘upgrade’ their membership, because they want to ‘grow’. Take for example someone who has joined ‘ESQ Teens’. At a certain age, the alumni feels the urge to ‘upgrade’ himself by joining ‘ESQ Students’, ‘ESQ Regular’, ‘ESQ Professional’ or ‘ESQ Executive’. The alumni could choose to join the class as a regular alumni, and thus refresh passively, but he could also choose to ‘Upgrade’ himself and go from his previous level to a new level (and thus join actively). Also, if you are of a certain level and want to join a class of the same level, but instead of sitting passively you want to join interactively, you can also get an ‘Upgrade’. That gives the alumni the right to sit amongst new fresh participants.

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